Sebastian Mullaert is most known for his work as one half of renowned Swedish duo Minilogue. However, since last year, the producer, DJ, and live performer has taken a hiatus from the group to focus on solo productions, labels, and side projects—like his latest DJ/live hybrid release with Ulf Eriksson, The Dance. The project originally began as an experiment: Eriksson would play records and Mullaert would bring out his gear and live jam over the top. From the outset, the pair, and any audience that had the pleasure of listening, knew that there was a certain magic happening. After touring the project, and an especially awe-inspiring gig at Trouw, the pair decided to conceive The Dance.

The Dance was recorded live, in one take, at Inkonst, Malmö, in front of an audience consisting of specially invited friends of Ulf, Sebastian, and Kontra-Musik. Spanning 17 tracks, The Dance features a jaw dropping lineup of cuts by Marcel Dettmann, Joey Anderson, Efdemin, and Silent Servant, among others, along with live jams and tracks by Mullaert. In support of the release, Mullaert has offered up the beautifully deep and atmospheric cut “In The Blurry Mist Of Yourself (Wa Wu We Remix),”a track that doesn’t feature on the compilation. The LP features the original version of the track but this is a different take. From the outset, slabs of undulating sonics slowly creep up from the depths, swirling and morphing in constant motion as the groove creeps in. Across its nine-minute run, Mullaert patiently controls the rising and falling of the track’s elements, creating a gorgeous haze-like quality.

The Dance was released via Kontra-Musik last month, with “In The Blurry Mist Of Yourself (Wa Wu We Remix)”” available as a free download below.

In The Blurry Mist Of Yourself (Wa Wu We Remix)