Australian artist Sebastian Vivian, until now, has made music for short films created by his classmates—Vivian studies sonic arts at the University of Adelaide—as well as various other films with chamber music arrangements. With motion film a major influence, Vivian uses string instruments and Ableton as tools to experiment with sound design.

As an introduction to his work, Vivian has offered up his debut single, “Cascade,” as today’s XLR8R download. The track is a delicate and introspective cut that flows beautifully across its six-minute run. “Cascade” is part of an audio/visual LP titled Monument that will see release via Brooklyn label Color Station in late Spring. The project is centered around a 4.5-minute short film that follows Sebastian around in a mock bedroom set up for a day at Format Collective art gallery. The Monument short film will feature several songs from the LP and touches on the idea of mundanity, as Vivian explains:

“I really like the mundane, things that we pass by every day. I think with my music I’m not trying to transport the listener or myself anywhere, but hopefully just highlight some aspect of their own life. You know when in film, a seemingly normal/real moment is transformed by music, I hope this record has that kind of translation, so the cover art is meant to be this neutral, everyday thing, that if you invest time into it upon seeing it, then you get something out of it.”

You can download “Cascade” via WeTransfer below.