Yasuhiko Fukuzono is part of a very well-hidden side of the beat scene, oft-unexplored by more than the truly dedicated “heads.” Many Japanese beatmakers are veterans by the time word of their talent makes it out of their native homeland, and Fukuzono (a.k.a. aus, pictured above) is no exception. aus is the boss behind the consistently impressive flau label, as well as a highly prolific producer in his own right. His forthcoming LP, ReCollected, finds aus operating as archivist as well, collecting 15 of his personal favorite remix works, with some dating back to 2006. For his take on Nottingham-based Origamibiro‘s “Sedimental Value,” aus works from the inside out. Beginning with a swirling chord, the Japanese beatsmith gradually swaps one broken beat after another before adding sawing, melancholy notes that clumsily fall around each other. aus’ productions have a tendency to bend the rules of house and instrumental hip-hop in the same turn, and there’s no shortage of that here. What really sets this tune apart, though, is the fact that aus clears the entire track from the table midway through and completely starts over, shifting the tune from broken, nervous downtempo to an effort that is increasingly gorgeous.

Sedimental Value (aus Remix)