Richard Seeley and Andreas Geogiades have been friends for over 18 years. Georgiades enjoyed a more rock and band-influenced youth such as Pink Floyd and Manowar, but Seeley soon introduced Georgiades to electronic music and beat-matching vinyl records.

Fast forward a few years and they set up some events and ran some parties across the UK during the mid-2000s. Georgiades, meanwhile, began playing in Poland and invited Seeley over to play. By this time, Seeley was producing and had released on Rekids with several on VVVWI, too. He had also set up Glue Music, his own imprint with appearances from Bruno Pronsato, Public Lover, and Sierra Sam, to name just a few.

By the late 2000s, Andreas has started a family and Richard a business, meaning production was no longer a priority until Seeley built a large purpose-built recording studio in 2015. Since then, Seeley and Georgiades have been honing their sound and production and are now set to embark with their new Self Self project, with four new EPs set to land via their own Self Self Records later in this year.

Ahead of this, they’ve shared “Provocation,” a dark techno groover, available now to download via the WeTransfer button.