Inspired by the Brazilian music and culture, Adana Twins have announced an edit of one of Brazil’s most celebrated singer/songwriters, Seu Jorge.

Adana Twins: 

A friend of ours came to the studio and was listening to Seu Jorge through his headphones and from then onwards we were hooked! We had a listening session for the album and we stopped immediately when “Mania de Peitão” came on. Such a beautiful tune with great lyrics.” 

A folk-hero born in the city of Belford Roxo near Rio de Janerio, Seu’s intricately woven blends of samba, rock, and soul have earned him a great number of accolades both as a musician and actor. He also famously performed during the summer 2012 and 2016 Olympic ceremonies, along with appearing in the Brazilian feature film “City of God,” and perhaps most notably, providing the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed Wes Anderson film, “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.”

Adana Twins’ influence on “Mania de Peitão” transforms the dreamy vocals and Samba percussion into an offering perfect to end the night at any of the world’s dimly lit dancefloors.

“Mania de Peitão” (Adana Twins Edit) is downloadable via the WeTransfer button below.

Mania de Peitão (Adana Twins Edit)