Brooklyn artist Walrus Ghost has just sent over “Seventwentyone,” an atmospheric song taken from his debut LP for Project: Mooncircle, Uplifting Themes for the Naysayer. Walrus Ghost embodies the Berlin-based label’s search to find “the conjunction between electronic and organic music” on his new production, on which wispy guitar and crescendos of natural field recordings slowly build around layers of delicate percussion and warm, spring-like ambiance. The subtle jazziness and freeform flow of “Seventwentyone” bring to mind post-rock greats like Tortoise, and bode well for the rest of Walrus Ghost’s upcoming album when it drops on February 14. Before then, its artwork and tracklist can be found after the jump.

A01. Sortd
A02. We Build It Up To Tear It All Down
A03. Paperhands
A04. Together
A05. Her Absence Filled The World
B06. Seventwentyone
B07. As Long As Grass Grows And Water Runs
B08. Fragments
B09. Narrowing Circle
B10. Broken Dialogue