Taking a fair amount of inspiration from climatic ’80s soundtrack themes, “Shadows Rising” is set to close out the forthcoming Heartbeat EP from Curses, an alias of NYC producer Luca Venezia (perhaps better known as Drop the Lime). Following closely behind his recent outing for Throne of Blood, Curses will next land on Brooklyn’s fledgling Safer at Night imprint, and while the upcoming EP’s other two tracks are more of what we’d expect from Venezia—dark, vintage-striped house numbers—”Shadows Rising” appears set to serve as an interesting note to end the record on. Aside from its simple hat pattern and occasional bits of extra percussion, “Shadows Rising” is a synth-streaked ambient composition, one led by a thick melodic refrain and kept buoyant by an undulating analog bass sequence. Curses’ full Heartbeat EP will see a release on August 19.

Shadows Rising