This particular MP3 has us thinking there must be some scientific explanation as to why arpeggios are so alluring, right? And although we couldn’t say whether or not Scottish producer Taz Buckfaster (or simply just Taz) knows the exact science behind an arpeggiator’s appeal, “She Makes Me” has left us pretty confident that the man knows a good pattern when he hears it. Manipulating and transforming one of those vibrant, descending patterns throughout the course of the tune, Buckfaster enlists a huge, growling bassline and drum line-reminscent kicks, snares, and whistles to supply the dancefloor heat. Although this particular track will not be featured on his forthcoming EP for the Rwina imprint, Neurotica (artwork above), we’ll be interested to hear what else the up-and-coming producer has in store when his latest outing drops on December 12.

She Makes Me