Warbly jazz piano, murky vocal chops, and sublte waves of static dot “She,” helping the otherwise jacking track take an intriguing left turn towards the more off-kilter ends of the spectrum between house and techno. Pulled from the Amsterdam-based (though he’s also resided in Istanbul, Rotterdam, and Antwerp) producer Philogresz‘s upcoming The Lost Movie LP, “She” is a fine example of the sort of dusty compositions the artist plans to present on his upcoming debut full-length. Said to (somehow) feature the producer’s own Dubgray Dust alter-ego, the tune is driven by uneasy layers of rattling percussion and a particularly squirmy bassline, all of which helps land “She” intriguingly left of center. Set to appear on Philogresz’s appropriately named PHIL label, The Lost Movie LP will see an official release on September 1.