Shinamo Moki is an electronic musical group made up of producer/composer Auryn Tate Waring and artist Felix Treadwell. Currently based in South London and Shanghai, both initially grew up in a rural village near the south coast of England before bonding while studying fine art together in Brighton, 2012. With shared interests and influences from electronic music, nature, contemporary art, and video games, they formed a natural partnership and started working on musical ideas under the name Shinamo Moki.

Their introductory release—2014’s Go With Me EP on Abandon Building Records—established their style of downbeat yet saccharine electronica, and in August 2014 they signed to MUSH Records. Through this they released another six-track EP, You Couldn’t Be More Distant, which included elements of glitch-hop, chill-wave, ambient, and folktronica. Their Artificial Beach EP was then released through Japanese label Maltine Records; and their latest single—”Dating Sim,” which is downloadable below—is a more gentle and cerebral track that highlights the sound design work that goes into all their productions.

You can download “Dating Sim” via the WeTransfer button below.

Dating Sim