Lustful Truth is Evident’s new alias for seductive downtempo and slow-house fused together with cultural, noise, and pop sounds.

Evident belongs to the younger generation of electronic musicians. Born at the end of Yugoslavian era into newly established Slovenia, he was raised in the small town up in the north, surrounded by forests and mountains. It was here that he developed a strong interest and passion for electronic music. In recent years he’s become influenced by the artistic, melancholic, and explorative side of electronic music while remaining firmly connected to the club core that for him resides between house and techno. At the start of 2017 he released his debut album titled Mysteries We Don’t Have Time To Think About which journeys through fifteen tracks, that span from ambient beginnings and slow electronica, to break infused house into classier deep-tech rhythms.

As Lustful Youth, he’s revisioned the track “Strawberry Letter 23” with a signature touch on top of 105 bpm beat and a feel-good driving result. The original track is by Shuggie Otis in 1971 and made famous with the cover version, recorded by The Brother Johnson in 1977 (produced by Quincy Jones).

Strawberry Letter 23 (Lustful Truth Revision)