Two Los Angeles-based producers of all things spacey and ambient, Sun Araw (pictured above) and Matthewdavid, have collaborated on a new cassette entitled LIVEPHREAXXX!!!!, presumably put together during a “party” of sorts at Sun Ark Studios. The third movement on side A is an eight-minute excursion through the minds of its creators, one in which various drones and sounds come together with impossibly loose rhythms, only to be manipulated endlessly as layers of off-beat drum machines and percussion fill the spaces in between. Like most things from the Leaving camp, the track leaves you wondering if there’s a secret message to decode, perhaps some sort of hidden melody or rhythm trapped behind the veil of fuzzy processing. Even if there isn’t a message waiting for us at the end, we’re pleasantly confused with where this outing goes and are left to wonder how weird the other 20-plus minutes of this tape must be. (via Altered Zones)

Side A Track 3