Siinai are no strangers to the concept album. In 2011 the Finish instrumental outfit released the Nordic Music Prize-nominated Olympic Games, a celebratory tribute and encompassment that acted as both a musical alternative and a narrative arc to the event. In 2014 they released Supermarket, a concept album conceived as a soundtrack for supermarkets, a hypnotic odyssey through shelves, aisles, and consumerism. When not busy creating such unique concepts to explore, the group are also frequent collaborations with Moonface, one of the many aliases of Spencer Krug, releasing two albums with him on JagJaguwar.

In 2017, after a brief hiatus, the group are back with a new concept and this time exploring the cyclical nature of life, the endless loops of light into darkness, and back again, as explored through shimmering synths, rich ambiance, and deeply emotive melodies. “With this record, we were seeing a lot of space imagery, specifically like in the movie Interstellar,” they say of the album’s outer planetary explorations.


01. Temppeli
02. Sykli
03. Ananda
04. Mestari
05. Europa

Sykli is scheduled for October 27 Svart Records, with “Ananda” available to download in full below.