Silences is the latest collaboration of James Green and Nick Dawson, who will together release their debut self-titled EP via Courier Sound. The recordings were made in a single day in February 2019 at Bearhug Studio utilising a broad variety of objects, microphones, and instruments, and everything was improvised. It’s intended as the first step of an ongoing project exploring downbeat ambience. 

In support of the EP, our July 8, we’re offering a Wil Bolton remix of “Chem Trails Over Southend Pier,” a serene and peaceful piece of downbeat bliss, as one of today’s free downloads. It’s available now via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.



01. An Unintentional Response 

02. Chem Trails Over Southend Pier

03. Shifting Emphases

04. (Everyone) Turns To The Wall