Globe-trotting, Irish-born duo Bicep has offered up a track from its new EP, which came out earlier this week on Throne of Blood. “Silk” is a throwback house tune with toned-down percussion and thick, driving 808s pulsating under a soft-square bassline reminiscent of traditional acid squelch. The song—which owes no small debt to such classic offerings as Mr. Fingers’ “Can You Feel It?”—builds patiently as reverb swells to fill the silence between the syncopated rhythms. Progressing swiftly, this floor-oriented track is geared toward the early-morning crowd with its intricately modulated synth work that seems to effervesce between and behind the underlying beats. Apart from turning out top-shelf house productions, it’s worth noting that the pair also helms the excellent Feel My Bicep blog. Give it a read, snag “Silk” below, and be on the lookout for the new EP.