Seattle’s Beat Connection will be releasing a brand-new single called “Silver Screen” via Moshi Moshi’s new sub-label, Tender Age, on March 1. The forthcoming EP (pictured above) will feature the title song, a b-side, and two remixes from the likes of British producers Dreamtrak and Young Montana?. Here, we have the latter of the two re-works, this one morphing the North American duo’s original synth-pop song into a bubbling, body-moving bit of melodic beat music. The result is something akin to Prefuse 73 having a go at writing a precious tune for the Morr Music label back in their early-’00s heydays, and then maybe some Brainfeeder-signed MPC twiddler giving that jam a remix. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Silver Screen (Young Montana Remix)

Silver Screen (Young Montana_ Remix)