Today, Chicago pair The-Drum announced the forthcoming release of its debut LP, Contact, for which the menacing “Sirens” serves as the lead single. The tune comes with less of an outright R&B influence than we are used to hearing from the outfit (who, by the way, we highlighted in a Bubblin’ Up profile late last year), though it still finds the duo working within a psychedelic electronic framework. The piles of percussion, screeching samples, and foreboding rhythms make “Sirens” an enigmatic production that intriguingly leaves our expectations for The-Drum’s upcoming LP wide open. Before it drops on June 20 via Audraglint, the artwork and tracklist for the Contact double-LP—which also includes the group’s 2012 four-track Sense Net record on its d-side—can be found after the jump.

A1 Heat
A2 Sirens
A3 Sim Stem A
A4 Narco
B1 Sense Net
B2 Arcadia
B3 Sim Stem B
B4 Switch
C1 Horizons
C2 Contact (ft. Ryan Sullivan)
C3 Mantra
The Sense Net EP (Bonus)