Vancouver bass maven HxdB (a.k.a. Severine Erickson) has emerged as a substantial talent within the Canadian scene over the past few years, lately attracting support from the likes of Distal, Doctor Jeep, and Krusha, who all contribute remixes to Erickson’s new Skool Dayz EP, out today via B.YRSLF Division. Featured here is former XLR8Rpodcast contributor Distal‘s rendition of the EP’s title track. A mechanically glitched-out and aggressive affair, the remix sets in with a markedly high-tension attitude and focuses on percussion for a majority of its run, layering sequences of industrial and hollow drums with claps and hi-hat patterns that oscillate in an unpredictable fashion. As the track advances, eerie synth drafts steadily envelop the barbarically clanging rhythms, adding increased depth to Distal’s unnatural production.

Skool Dayz (Distal ‘Amnesia’ Mix)