Preceded by a ten-second dissonant fake-out intro, this track from 19-year-old, Sydney-based up-and-comer Flume is a solid piece of soulful beat work. Acting as the title track for his recently released debut EP (artwork above), “Sleepless” moves at a steady chillwave-ish pace with no shortage of lush chords or skillfully pitched vocal glitches (chops of Anthony For Cleopatra we presume) to float alongside the irresistible bassline and head-nod-worthy drum programming. The young Australian essentially manipulates the same handful of sounds throughout the course of the tune, building up and breaking down the elements to keep things moving—and we’re just fine with that. If you’ve got a beautiful concoction of warm, soulful tones, why mess with it too much? Sounds like Flume agrees.

Sleepless feat. Antony For Cleopatra