Slowburn (a.k.a. Dave Hargadon and Phil Long) has been putting its name to discerning house and techno cuts for some time now, appearing on renowned labels such as Uzuri and Austere. The duo’s latest EP, LDRX2, sees it return to the Lunar Disko fold for the first time since 2013’s Lotus EP, with the end result being every bit as satisfying as the first. The release features the machine driven sounds of each producer individually, as well as their always on-point collaborative productions. Both accomplished producers in their own right, Phil and Dave complete the a-side of LDRX2 with their own individual jams, while the second half of the EP sees them don their collective alias once more. Consummating the LDRX2 package is the b-side track “First One Back,” a final curious listen that only reminds us of the producers talent for churning out top-grade analog house and techno. All things told, this is another top quality package from the Slowburn lads, with “First One Back” available as a free download below.

First One Back