Montreal artist Smileswithteeth makes intricate and tender slices of electronics that are charged by emotions. His releases—2013’s Here, 2014’s Everyday Always, and 2016’s Walk Forever—arrive with personal heartfelt messages and anecdotes that directly relate to the music they accompany. Musically, comparisons can be drawn to electronic contemporaries like Bonobo or Bibio, but this could simply be due to the affecting qualities of his music.

His latest release, out on Knowmad Records, is a single titled “We Fight In The Prettiest Places,” which looks to the stunning landscapes of Iceland and love—or the loss of love—for its inspiration, as he explains:

“In Iceland, the landscape changes so quickly that everything starts to superimpose. Mountains covered in snow jut up against deserts, lush fields balloon up and then disappear, fog rolls in and then dissipates leaving you much higher than you thought you were and with much less distance between you and the cliff that you just realized you were driving on.

My new song is about the way that scenery flies by in a car and the feeling of losing someone despite your best intentions.”

You can download “We Fight In The Prettiest Places” via WeTransfer below, with more on Smileswithteeth here.

We Fight In The Prettiest Places