Starting his musical career as a member of the now disbanded Norwegian hardcore group Amulet, Oslo-based graphic designer, illustrator, and musician Robin Snasen Rengard (aka Snasen) has pursued a number of various sonic endeavors as a solo-electronic artist which have been met with a great deal of success. In addition to providing the soundtrack for the award winning documentary, Drone, Snasen released his full-length debut LP Forsvinningen in June of this year. Dark, deeply textural and indefinite, the album beautifully reflects an overall feeling of self-doubt and touches on the many emotional traumas that Snasen himself was dealing with during the making of this album.

The experimental Leeds-based band Vessels have graciously provided a remix treatment for the caliginous and gripping Snasen track “Vaapen” as today’s XLR8R download. Contentious and fierce, the tracks haunting vocals pilot the arrangement alongside a blackish bass riff and unruly percussion while rainy, weald like textures litter the background. Learn more about Snasen’s many artistic endeavors here and be sure to check out the Vessels’ Soundcloud page. Having previously featured downloads from both Vessels and Snasen, you grab more music in the hyperlinks below. Download “Vaapen (Vessels Remix)” in the media player below.

Vaapen (Vessels Remix)

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