For the sake of “keeping it real,” as the kids say, we’ll admit that we’re a little late on posting this. “Snow & Taxis” first made the round a few weeks ago, when Gold Panda and the folks at Ghostly made it available as a free download—in exchange for your email address. Although you’re still welcome to head here and donate your email in order to keep up with all the latest in Gold Panda happenings, we’ve been given the green light to post the track free and clear. And after a single listen, you’ll probably be wondering why we weren’t clamoring to post it sooner. Maybe its the name—Gold Panda just screams “bedroom chillwave toss-off” or “middling indie band,” doesn’t it?—but we certainly didn’t expect tastefully crafted techno chimes married with a galloping UK funky beat. The Essex, UK artist has a debut full-length, Lucky Shiner, set to drop on October 12; at least now we’ll know better to sleep on its creator’s sparkling gems.

Snow & Taxis