Manchester’s Synkro jumped on remix duty for “So Bad,” a new track from Robot Koch’s Robots Don’t Sleep project—the results of which are as solid as one would expect from an artist who showed up twice in our list of the Top 100 Downloads of 2012. John LaMonica‘s sultry vocals, which featured prominently on Robot Koch’s The Other Side LP, enjoy the spotlight in the original version of “So Bad,” and while they still have a place in Synkro’s dub remix, he’s taken the R&B-indebted anthem down a notch; washed-out, trimmed-back vocals float atop of a velvet-smooth synthline while more clubby sounds bounce around in the upper registers. Look for more remixes from the likes Creep and Sun Glitters to appear with the rest of Robots Don’t Sleep’s self-titled EP when it drops on January 13 via Four Music.

So Bad (Synkro Dub Mix)