Nathan Daniel Williams sings about being bored so emphatically here that we’re inclined to believe the 22-year-old musician behind Wavves is experiencing one hell of a trip through inertia. And there are plenty more of his static-drenched, DIY beach-punk songs to be had. “So Bored” arrives fresh off Williams’ second album, a self-titled one, save for the extra “v” in the title (which is apparently intentional), which will be released on February 3 of next year. Bloggers and sites are watching Williams closely, so next year should keep him well away from the boredom he laments over here.

01 Rainbow Everywhere
02 Sun Opens My Eyes
03 Get in the Sun
04 Jetplane (Staying on A )
05 No Hope Kids
06 More Fur
07 So Bored
08 Summer Goth
09 Surf Goth
10 Goth Girls
11 Ghost Ramp
12 Killr Punx
13 Scary Demons

Wavves – Sobored