Earlier this year, fellow Barcelonan producers Cardopusher and Nehuen launched their own imprint, calling it Classicworks. While its debut release dropped back in July in the form of a split EP from the two label heads (a free tune from which you can still grab here), the imprint’s sophomore release, Cardopusher’s So What U Want Me to Do EP, is set to drop later this month. Here, we have the title track—a pumping, classic house-inspired number—to appropriately whet our palettes before the five-song record sees a release on November 12. And if you can’t wait until then for a full dose of heavy-handed Cardopusher fare, we suggest you revisit the man’s excellent XLR8Rpodcast from just a few months back in the meantime. You can also stream clips of each track from So What U Want Me to Do after the jump.

So What U Want Me To Do