The Revenge has almost sold out of his limited-runRuff Jamz mix CD, a 70-minute voyage into the Glaswegian’s classically inspired house and disco stylings, as well as a heathy supply of unreleased and forthcoming tracks from the man himself. The Jesse Rennix-featuring cut “Something More” is one such effort, the “Live Dub” of which has been pulled from the mix and presented here in its seven-minute form. As the track’s length implies, this dub is no rush, taking its time to unroll an appealing set of hand-manipulated synth lines and analog FX which slip and slide around the gentle sway of the tune’s swinging drum machine. It’s a hard combination to resist and one that fits rather nicely into The Revenge’s Ruff Jamz mix, which can be streamed in full after the jump.

Something More feat. Jesse Rennix (Live Dub)