Norweigan electro-pop sweetheart Annie released Don’t Stop late last year, and although the record didn’t really, as the kids say, ‘blow up,’ it still had some serious jams that made us want to invent some kind of rollerskate-powered time machine that exclusively stopped in mid- to late-’80s dance clubs. “Songs Remind Me of You” was definitely one of our favorites, and now it’s been revived on this remix by Australian outfit The Swiss. The guys have stretched out the song’s sticky hooks over nearly six minutes, and steered things in a disco direction without slipping into cornball territory. If you like the results, you might want to check out The Swiss on their first US tour, as the band will be playing live in select cities later this month—check their MySpace page for all the details.

Songs Remind Me of You (The Swiss & Donnie Sloan Remix)