Anonymous producers are now as common as white earbuds, but while most of them prefer to be enigmatic and mysterious, the duo known as CTEPEO ’57 (which translates to STEREO ’57) is a goofy, cheeky pair that insists “the Cold War isn’t over, and Russian astronauts landed on Mars in the late ’90s to discover something truly amazing.” That kind of playfulness is exhibited in the group’s new track “Space Race,” taken from The Missouri Breaks EP due out on October 22 via Tartelet. Splashy hi-hat rhythms and analog kick drums immediately place the song squarely on the dancefloor, but as the arrangement unravels, an array of off-kilter details slowly trickle in. Reverberating pan percussion and mellow Rhodes chords are supplemented by quick, jazzy piano fills, keeping “Space Race” rhythmically engaging while it maintains its place on the lighter side of house music.

Space Race