Alex Ives (a.ka Specimens) will release new LP In The Dust Of Idols on November 30 via SVS/First Terrace

Ives is an ambient/drone musician from South London; inspired by the likes of William Basinski, Lawrence English, Leyland Kirby, and Helm, he started creating experimental soundscapes and drones in 2014 before releasing a debut album in 2016. 

Forthcoming LP In The Dust Of Idols, a record that “explores the mortality, existentialism, and the dread one can feel in the face of an apparently meaningless world,” will land in November and sees Ives “turn his focus to his dual Caribbean and British heritage for the first time in his music,” we’re told. The record documents Ives’ search for meaning in his identity and how the subsequent representation can be challenged, perceived, and adopted.

In The Dust Of Idols will land on November 30, with “Unfold In All Directions” available for download below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.