With a handle that brings to mind the tranquility of being amongst protruding snow-capped land masses, its no surprise that this tune from producer Peter James (a.k.a. White Mountains) is a serene jaunt of blissful techno. “Spectra,” a cut from James’ forthcoming Lightforms EP (artwork above), gathers the usual elements of heavenly electronic music, utilizing light vocal “ahhs,” swelling pads, distant harp, and the sort of spiraling melodies one would expect—not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, despite employing some of the more common trademarks of the genre, “Spectra” still manages to have a unique place in the electro-bliss world, existing somewhere around The Field’s more repetitive melodic outings during his early Kompakt days but with more of a knack for vivid sonic textures in the vein of artists like Gold Panda. The Lightforms EP is James’ second offering under his White Mountains moniker, and will be released on June 7.