Indie band Splashh, which first formed in Hackney, East London, has been making waves in England and the US alike with its mellow and sunny electronica style. The group started off as a duo in December of 2011 between Toto Vivian and Sasha Carlson—formerly of the bands Pineapple Head, Colours, and Brain Slaves. The group released it debut LP, Comfort, back in 2013 and it was after this release that the group decided to travel across the pond and set up shop in NYC to “find solitude” and record Splashh’s next release, Honey + Salt—which is still in the works.

Splashh’s most recent single, “Pure Blue,” released November 6 via Luv Luv Records, now gets the remix treatment from Australian producer Dreems. Dreems’ remix is a sunny and washed rework of the heavier original, drawing the listener in with gentle beats, pitched, distorted vocals, spacious soundscapes, and swirling synth lines. At the tracks halfway mark, it picks up considerable movement with a rise and fall that transforms the tune into an absolute dancefloor stunner.

You can download the track in the player below and be sure to check out more from Splashh by visiting their website and Dreems by visiting his Soundcloud page here.

Pure Blue (Dreemix)