Despite “Spring and Life” being a decidedly dancefloor-friendly production, its glittering, lightly textured synth melodies are never overshadowed by the techno-inspired bassline, and ultimately help drive the song forward. Netherlands’ Applescal—an artist we highlighted as part of Bubblin’ Up Week 2013—certainly has a knack for making polished, balanced dance music, and takes his time in doing so. The producer born Pascal Terstappen spent three years finishing his forthcoming Dreaming in Key LP, from which “Spring and Life” is taken. “I’ve been trying to create something special, something diverse,” Terstappen said in a press release. “An album where each track speaks for itself and is part of a complete story at the same time.” In that vein, “Spring and Life” feels like one piece of a larger narrative, the rest of which Terstappen will release via his own Atomnation imprint on February 5.

Spring and Life