Prolific French artist Fulgeance dropped the solid Cubes LP via his own Musique Large label back in October, but now the beatmaker has decided to revisit Step Thru—a full-length released via RX:TX in October 2012—and collect four remixes from the record for an upcoming 7″, simply titled Step Thru Remixes. Slovenian producer Oknai offers a chilly, skittish take on “Square,” grounding the cut’s meandering percussion with a downright filthy bass synth. Reserved, yet never lacking in sonic diversity, the rework brims with fluttering chimes, ambient pads, and other odd flourishes, while leaving itself plenty of space to establish a mood. The rest of Fulgeance’s Step Thru Remixes is set to drop on January 20, 2014.

Square (Oknai Remix)