Ildar Valiakhmetov and Maxim Ryzhkov, who make up the Russian duo known as St. Savor, merged together from opposite ends of the massive continent after finding their separate musical endeavors were beginning to become sour and cyclical. Releasing its debut EP, Connection V, on Balkan Connection in 2012, the duo’s sauntering and eclectic sound began to pick up traction all over while playing at various radio shows and venues all over the country. Today’s XLR8R download is a remix of the St. Savor track “Savors Dream,” which comes from Boris Nazarov’s musical project Moscow Grooves Institute. Started in 1995, the veteran group of producers is steeped in electronic music history and has over the past two decades released ten diffrent records through the Moscow based imprint Citadel Records.

The remix is filled with lounge ambience and an unmoving bassline and beat, both which leave room for various synth experimentation while keeping the groove in tact. You can find out more about the original track and the vinyl issue from 2012 by clicking here. You can download the track in the player below and be sure to check out more from St. Savor by visiting the Soundcloud page.

Savor’s Dream (Olympiada 80 Moscow Grooves Institute remix)