The longstanding (but sporadically releasing) trio of Kevin Hayes, Kirk Marrison, and Clark Rehberg III (a.k.a. KILN) has pieced together its third full-length record for Ghostly, calling it meadow:watt. Serving as a preview is album cut “Star.field,” which tucks miniature melodies and unidentifiable percussion underneath a hi-fi tapestry of granular synthesis and rich, computer-enhanced bursts of chords, blurring the lines between sound design and composition through the use of refracted electronics and bits of live instrumentation. The production is anchored by an almost playful, dub-rooted bassline, and—like much of KILN’s work—is pleasantly reminiscent of Pole and the output of his now-defunct ~scape label. Before Ghostly releases meadow:watt on November 12 (pre-order here), its artwork can be seen above, and its full tracklist can be found after the jump.

01 Roil
02 Pinemarten
03 Star.field
04 Willowbrux
05 Kopperkosmo
06 Moth and Moon
07 Jux
08 Acre
09 Boro