Stavrogin is the production alias of Theo Darton-Moore, a young London-based producer. Lost In Systems is his first ambient-techno release; it’s a completely different style to the digital-only productions that surfaced around 2011. The core of this latest six-tracker was written back in 2013/14 using lots of sample processing, time-stretching, and granular processing following his graduation from university.

The release comes through 3BS, an Australian label started in 2011 and run by Jon Papert. The duo met through Darton-Moore’s work running the Stray Landings music blog—”I reviewed one of his releases,” he recalls—and they have been sharing music ever since.

The release is scheduled for August 29 release; ahead of this, Darton-Moore and the label have agreed to offer “Echo_22” as one of today’s free downloads.