Next month, Australian house label Templar Sound will drop a new EP from Grown Folk (pictured above), a Montreal production duo making “house music for the new decade.” Although this edit of the outfit’s “Steady Moving” tune by half-Canadian brethren LOL Boys isn’t on the six-track City Wind EP, it certainly fits well next to the kinds of futuristic dance music that record does feature, save the Damu and Dubbel Dutch remixes that we haven’t even heard yet (though we’re sure those will be great, too). LOL Boys’ edit is also one of the pair’s mellowest tunes to date, as the producers seem to have exchanged their fiery, tropically inclined club-tune palette for something a bit deeper that relies more on smooth synth pads, quietly delayed vocal samples, and hypnotic dancefloor rhythms that settle into you instead of smashing on top of you. You can compare “Steady Moving (LOL Boys VIP Re-Edit)” to the rest of Grown Folk’s upcoming release here.

Steady Moving (LOL Boys VIP Re-Edit)