Swirling synths out of a John Carpenter soundtrack and a relentless forward motion drive this suitably epic edit of German trio The Hypnotic Lights‘ “Storm.” Spliced by Berlin resident Lanny May, the textures in his “Dark Space Edit” breathe in the background, sidechained heavily by powerful-but-restrained percussion that accelerates rhythmically as the tune progresses into its first, glistening drop. The synths are smooth in parts, serrated and hissing in others, and buoyed by a heavily distorted bassline that smudges the track with a dream-like quality as it enters its second melodic progression four minutes in. It’s the second drop that gives credence to the “Dark Space” title of this edit, sucking the listener into a black vortex. Look for this tune to drop alonside 7 others when the We Are EP is made available via The Hypnotic Lights’ own imprint.

Storm (Lanny May’s Dark Space Edit)