A slowly rising, unwavering tone opens this long-form track from Connaisseur veteran Chymera, off his forthcoming LP for the label, Death by Misadventure. “Strange Things Are Afoot” is stripped down and laid out in a functional manner during the opening four minutes, creating a bedding for ghostly synthesizers and tumbling toms to hover over a tough, take-no-prisoners kick drum. At the song’s breakdown however, Chymera makes a surprise move and rudely deploys a filtered square bassline that arpeggiates slowly into the second drop. The Irish producer then adds a misty-eyed melody line comprised of chimes and metallic wisps of synth, and suddenly we find ourselves lost in the thick of an all-encompassing dancefloor fever, one which trembles mightily into its climax at the seven-minute mark. Chymera’s album will be released on June 1.

Strange Things Are Afoot