San Diego’s Blessure Grave (pictured above) is, essentially, a duo not much different from shadowy synth-toting acts like, say, Cold Cave, except its music sounds as if it was written and recorded in an actual cave. Hours of Worship is a production duo based in NY that makes music that sounds like it emanates from a different kind of hole—a K-hole, to be specific. (Cue rimshot.) The two entities paired up on this remix, and surprisingly, Hours of Worship’s rework of the barren darkwave song, “Stranger in the House,” is sort of pretty, albeit in an overtly “goth” way. Singer T. Grave’s baritone is set amongst hypnotically jangling samples, ominous synth tones, and a pulsing dance beat, and comes and goes as it pleases while the other elements churn out six-plus minutes of entrancing rhythms and melodies. And yet despite the efforts to remain sullen and reserved, the track has an underlying hopefulness to it, and could just as easily power dancefloors belonging to either of the artists involved. (via Chronic Youth)

Stranger in the House (Hours of Worship remix)