Portland low-end specialist EPROM has announced his follow-up to last year’s Metahuman LP, an album called Halflife which is set to arrive via Dutch label Rwina. “Subroc,” a quick cut from the forthcoming release, finds EPROM spinning his warped, idiosyncratic beats into a slurring soundscape. Using vintage computing, African rhythms, southern rap, and electronic pioneers like Richard Devine and Curtis Roads as reference points, “Subroc” shows the producer’s insistence on mining the depths of the dark and heavy ends of the bass spectrum. Before Halflife‘s October 14 release, the album’s tracklist and artwork can be found after the jump.

01. Center of the Sun
02. Beasts of Babylon
03. Hurricane
04. Vogel
05. Super FX
06. Lost Levels
07. Screwface
08. Machine Skin
09. Pentatonic Dust
10. Moisture
11. Turtle Ride
12. Subroc
13. Cloud Leanmixx