If you have taken part in the Los Angeles techno scene in the past 13 years, chances are that you have experienced a fluid and punishing set by Droid Behavior‘s resident artist Subversive. These performances unfold between the lines of various styles of techno, electro, and tribal, echoing the remnants of Kalamazoo, Birmingham, and Detroit.

Through his longtime participation in Droid Behavior, and subsequent association with founding members Raíz, Subversive has been instrumental in pushing their long-running international party series Interface into its 53rd edition. Eventually, the teaming of Subversive and Raíz on the Interface lineups would lead to the formation of their techno label VRV, which has become a large platform for steadily releasing new material by both artists. Subversive’s previous productions have appeared on labels like Santiago Salazar and Silent Servant‘s Historia y Violencia, and the French techno label Construct Re-Form—where Subversive collaborated with Voiski as Deception Plan.

For today’s XLR8R download, Subversive is offering up a track from his recent EP titled Domestique. This latest VRV record was issued on vinyl less than a month ago and was immediately sold out on the Hardwax shelves. Domestique comes with two original tracks from Subversive, plus a remix of the track “Corosync” by Raíz. The track starts out with a distant kick and a drowning synth pattern that calls out to the listener before slowly filtering out of its murky reflecting pool. A voice calls out from the echos and introduces a high-hat that acts like a buoy to bring the whole track into it’s own. The high-hat persists in double-time before recoiling back to the bottom of the mire, and just when you think the track is done, it peaks its head out again just to let you know it is still there, and that this journey is never over.

You can find out more about Subversive’s Domestique EP by visiting the Droid Behavior website, and you can find out more about Raíz by clicking here. You can grab a free copy of Corosync (Raíz Remix) by clicking on the media player below.

Corosync (Raíz Remix)