It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from London-based producer Offshore, but he’s resurfaced with “Summer Hits.” The tune comes courtesy of Oslo-based label Fine Grains, which will be including the song as part of its aptly titled new compilation, Fine Grains Vol. 1. “Summer Hits” sees the London lad exploring new sonic realms, as it’s quite different from his his menacing “Pepper” or the timpani-heavy “Round and Round.” Using fewer elements, Offshore still manages to create an emotionally provocative hip-hop beat. Beginning with an unusual percussion and cheap synth combo, the vibes immediately feel contemplative and nostalgic, as if the producer was reminiscing over a long-lost summer love. As the song develops, the beat quickly takes fuller form as a thudding kick accents the softer percussive synth before Offshore introduces a minimalistic, clave-led rhythm. Fine Grains Vol. 1 won’t be released until November 1, but “Summer Hits” can be downloaded below and the song’s video can be viewed after the jump.

Summer Hits