Sometimes, weirdos just gravitate toward one another. Take this remix of Dave.I.D‘s (pictured above) “SumR,” an unusual pop-industrial-hip-hop hybrid that first appeared on the mysterious Londoner’s debut album, Response, which came out over the summer via !K7. Now, months later, fellow London recluse Actress, who also heads up the Werk label, has turned out an “AZD RAIN” remix of the song. Stripping out the original’s hip-hop drum patterns and the vast majority of the vocals, Actress instead relishes in the song’s dark, droney synths and adds in his own lo-fi, rapid-fire percussion, creating something that comes off as a warped homage to no wave and ’80s goth/industrial. Mapping exactly how he arrived at a sound palette shared by the likes of Suicide, Nitzer Ebb, and Front 242 is no easy task, but there’s no quibbling with the pulsing paranoia of the end result. (via Pitchfork)

SumR (Actress’ AZD RAIN Remix)