While the label’s music may conjure romantic notions of tropicana-beats and sunny origins, early tropical adopters Dutty Artz began their New York Tropical parties admist the frigid winter of 2008. Hosted by Dutty Artz founding fathers DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, and Geko Jones. and lasting just over a year, their New York Tropical party was a bright moment in underground New York nightlife, featuring music and guests from every imaginable part of the globe. In honor of these formative events, Dutty Artz has put together a compilation of Dutty Artz in-house producers, as well as music from the likes of Kingdom, Nguzunguzu, DJ Orion, and Colombia’s Lido Pimienta. The New York Tropical compilation is out now, and Dutty Artz has been kind enough to offer a free sample in the form of “Sunshine City,” a collaborative effort between Matt Shadetek and Lamin Fofana. The track pits the depth of hollow steel-drum samples and wind chimes against the bright surface of digital dancehall blips and a galloping, 2-steppy beat. To celebrate the release of New York Tropical, DJ Rupture recently did a mix for Tom Ravenscroft’s BBC radio show. A download link and the full tracklisting are available after the jump.


01. Kelly Rowland — Like This (/rupture’s 33/45 mix)
02. Gucci Mane ��� She Geeked
03. Timeblind — Ontological Ground of Being
04. Gil Scott-Heron — New York Is Killing Me
05. King Abid — Yezz mel Viss
06. DJ Orion — The Undertown
07. Toy Selectah — Compay
08. Nettle — Assaiya Violin Shining
09. Rita Indiana — Los Poderes – Kingdom remix
10. Los Vlamers — Cumbia del Monte
11. DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, and Chief Boima — Elegy for Mr Peach

Matt Shadetek_+ Lamin_Fofana -Sunshine_City_NEW_YORK_TROPICAL