After three years without a release, the elusive multi-continental trio Brim Liski is now set to drop its sophomore EP, The Repetitions (artwork above). The record is said to describe vast intergalactic travel, distant astronomical events, and the universal connection to the human spirit, or, put another way, the cinematic electro-pop sounds something akin to M83 after drinking too much cough syrup. In addition to five original songs, the EP also contains two remixes, including this version of “Supermassive” from Brim Liski’s resident beat designer, CacheFlowe. The remix is club-ready, with a heavy-hitting bass and resonating synthesizer that smoothly glides between notes. The original vocals have been edited to great effect, providing harmonies and texture behind the leading synth tones. The Repetitions comes out on July 23 through Denver-based labels Plastic Sound Supply and Latenight Weeknight.

Supermassive (CacheFlowe remix)