With its constantly evolving bassline and shifting movements of percussion and FX, it’s not surprising to find out that “Supervoid” comes from a producer who has also spent a good deal of time “professionally developing video games and virtual universes.” Budding West Coast artist (his SoundCloud claims both Los Angeles and Seattle) Dustmite is less than a week away from dropping the Surveyor EP, where the dark, restless techno of “Supervoid” will be joined by three other originals—one of which is a collaboration with NY’s Rajeev Maddela—and a pair of remixes from fellow burgeoning producers Perceptron and Audio Injection. If this taster piques your interest, you can stream the rest of Surveyor after the jump and be on the lookout for Dustmite’s forthcoming EP when it drops on February 26 through LA’s fledging Futra label.