Definitely one of the stranger music projects to hit the scene in recent years, London’s Endless House Foundation presents not only damn good retro-tinged electro-acoustic music, but also an entire Ballardian narrative about an eccentric millionaire and his doomed five-story nightclub. Now, the Foundation is back with The Folk/Scnhnaffs EP a six-track split release from two of its most notorious producers, Rasmus Folk and Walter Schnaffs. From that record we have “Sylvia Kristel,” a dark and muddy ode to Folk’s one-time affair with Dutch soft-core porn actress Sylvia Kristel. Bathed in the warm hiss of analog tape, the track moves with a motorik lurch through a ghostly forest of emotive synth leads, rising bass tones, and bizarre vocals. Look for The Folk/Scnhnaffs EP when it drops in late September.

Sylvia Kristel