Following live collaborations with Bonobo and Lapalux, East London artist Szjerdene today releases Restart.

Szjerdene, (pronounced JhurDEEN), a vocalist from London, makes music to fall in love to. Each record has been crafted to explore the trajectory of romantic relationships. Her debut EP, Patchwork, via Ninja Tune,  caught the attention of Bonobo with whom she collaborated on his fifth studio album, The North Borders, as well as his Grammy-nominated LP Migration in 2017. Szjerdene also worked alongside Lapalux on the release of Paragon in 2015. 

Now comes her third EP, Trace, out now. “Restart,” the lead single, features delicate electronics intertwined  with Szjerdene’s ethereal vocals, dappled in swathes of dreamy string instrumentation. The artist explains: “‘Restart’ is the realisation that you’re not responsible for another’s happiness and the admission that you once thought you could be.” In support of the EP’s release, you can grab “Restart” via the WeTransfer button below or here for EU readers.